Sterimar suffers water of sea Spray 50ml Solution

Helps the dry nose to face external aggressions.

Manufacturer: Sterimar

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SKU: 7688376 Sterimar suffers water of sea Spray 50 Ml Solution


Help the dry nose or subjects to the chronic conditions to face external aggressions (dust, pollution, medication...).

Wash the nose of its impurities or dust and removes crusts.

Helps cell regeneration of the nasal Mucosa, particularly in the case of chronic or recurrent conditions (sinusitis, rhinosinusites).

Aid irritated or dry nose to face external aggressions responsible for inflammation. Restores the natural moisture of the nose.

directions for use:

Insert the tip into the nostril. Administer a spray by pressing the nozzle for a few seconds and allow to drain the surplus.


Repeat in the other nostril.

Clean the mouthpiece with warm soapy water, rinse and dry.


Sea water 31.82 ml, salt of sulfur, purified water qsp 100 ml.


Spray bottle of 50ml.