Sterimar child nose 100ml Pack of 2

Helps fight the growth of bacteria, child 3 years and +
Manufacturer: Sterimar


SKU 2617727 Sterimar child nose 100 ml Pack of 2

STERIMAR puts its experience of the benefits of water from sea and trace elements at the service of a better breathing.

Indications :
STERIMAR stuffy child is a medical.
its unique composition of copper-enriched hypertonic sea water is recommended in children from 3 years old for :
-decongest nasal mucosa during infectious and allergic episodes (colds (, nasopharyngitis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis).
-help to combat the growth of bacteria through the antiseptic action of copper and salt minerals.
-reduce the risk of infection of the ORL sphere
-optimize the action of treatment Associates

STERIMAR stuffy child is designed specifically for the nose of children from 3 years: its solution of hypertonic sea water salt dosage and jet pressure are studied to meet the nasal mucosa.

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