Sterimar baby 0-3 years 100ml

bottle all positions. Soft Jet and nozzle baby. Physiological microdiffusion of sea water

Manufacturer: Sterimar



SKU: 9629975 Sterimar baby 0-3 years 100ml

indications: Sterimar baby is recommended to wash the nose of the little :-every day, it helps clear his impurities baby's nose and facilitates breathing. He strengthened the defenses of the mucous membrane nasal. -in prevention of pathologies of the ent (colds, bronchiolitis,...) -in case of nose cluttered, to eliminate phlegm. governing use: perform 1st spray for booting the system placing baby in position on the side or sitting head tilted to the side. gently insert the tip into his nostril. administer a spray and allow to drain excess solution which should lead to mucus, then blow. Clean the mouthpiece with warm soapy water, rinse and dry. 2 to 6 sprays per day in each nostril. Composition: isotonic Solution of filtered seawater, 100% natural and without preservative. It enjoys of the recognized properties of mineral salts and marine trace element: copper, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc,... Bottle 100 ml