Spirig Excipial U10 Biolipid Emulsion moisturizer 200ml

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Care for the skin very dry, itchy and with the plates of drought.
Manufacturer: Spirig


SKU: 9528441 Spirig Excipial U10 biolipid lotion moisturizing Emulsion

Properties Spirig Excipial U10 biolipid lotion moisturizing Emulsion:

This moisturizing emulsion is specifically designed to support the physiological skin protection function, prevent the dessechemenrt of the skin barrier as well as regulate the lipid content.

Excipial U10 biolipid lotion can also be used when the skin such as Dermatitis, psoriasis and other diseases.

Urea-based compound, moisturizing emulsion limit the dryness of the skin while calming itching.

Composed also derivatives of natural substances, emulsion color can vary from white to pale pink.

moisturizing Spirig Excipial U10 Biolipid Emulsion operating tips:

apply to affected areas clean and dry.

Massage until absorbed.

ingredients Spirig U10 biolipid lotion moisturizing Emulsion:


paraffinum liquidum,


Caprylic triglyceride,


Methoxy PEG-22 / Dodecyl glycol copolymer,

Sodium lactate,

PEG-7 hydrogenated castor oil,

Sorbitan isostearate,

PEG-2 hydrogenated castor oil,


Hydrogenated castor oil,

Lactic acid,




Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 3
Average rating : 4.3 /5
P. Aiste
  the 30/09/2017
3/ 5
Haven't used yet
T. Susan
  the 04/08/2017
5/ 5
I have been using this lotion for years (about 40) it was first prescribed for me by a Dermatologist in Switzerland for very very bad psoriasis. I could not be without it. Previously I had to wait for friends to bring some from Switzerland - now I can order it on line myself. Very relieved indeed. Thanks very much.
T. Susan
  the 19/07/2017
5/ 5
I have been using Excipial for 40 years. It is the only lotion which helps my psoriasis greatly. It does not burn is not sticky and contains no parabens, perfume. alcohol etc. I am extremely pleased that finally I can find this product in England. Always had to rely on friends coming from Switzerland to bring it to me.