Spinbrush Truly Radiant toothbrush battery + battery

Innovative brush with bristles elongated to provide thorough cleaning.

Manufacturer: Spinbrush

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SKU: 0009775 Spinbrush Truly Radiant Brosse Dents Piles + Piles


Toothbrush Spinbrush (MC) Truly Radiant (MC) deep cleaning is equipped with a dual technology action gently removes surface stains while cleaning, whitening teeth, and eliminating 100% more plaque than a manual brush!

directions for use:

Remember to replace your brush head after three (3) months of use or if the brush is damaged or parts loose.

A prolonged use, loose parts or excessive wear can cause breakage of the brush head, the loss of small parts and a possible choking hazard.

Check if the brush has loose parts before use.


1 toothbrush battery + battery