Somnofit brace hum & snorkeling

SKU: 0492700 Somnofit brace hum & snorkeling


Somnofit is a brace of Mandibular Advancement to treat snoring, sleep apnea and disorders of sleep. created in thermo-formable material, Somnofit allows adaptation perfect dentition. The process is simple: in 5 minutes, you realize the implementation of your brace thermo-formable hum. the polymer envelops teeth and protects the gums. Mandibular Advancement is done by a light support over the jaws, which eliminates the sensation of pain. dental

Somnofit operating tips:

each box contains: 1 gutter greater than 2 front hooks, 1 less than 2 rear hooks gutter, a thermometer to float, one box ventilated storage, a set of flexible strips to adjust the Mandibular Advancement and detailed instructions. Treatment duration: 8 to 15 months by box.