Somatoline Cosmetic Leg Slimming 200ml

slimming effect gel draining for legs. Formula effect Icicle.

Manufacturer: Somatoline Cosmetic

SKU: 006420 Somatoline slimming Cosmetic draining legs

Somatoline Cosmetic with draining for legs was developed to help you lose weight effectively legs. His action Slims your legs up to 1.6 cm in just 2 weeks by drainage of excess liquids.

Composition of Somatoline Cosmetic with draining legs

this cream is made of Crio Dren-complex a combination of multifunctional ingredients to slimming and draining effects. Its cryogenic form acts on the skin microcirculation.

The synergy of cosmetic ingredients of Somatoline contouring draining legs, promote the following effects:

  • removal of fat,
  • Reactivation of cutaneous, microcirculation
  • immediate light Sensation

Somatoline Cosmetic clinic test results

this slimming cream to is the subject of an instrumental clinical test versus placebo on 50 subjects with different stages of localized fat and retention of water on the legs. After only 2 weeks, clinical assessments have demonstrated a reduction in the circumference of up to 1.6 cm thighs and ankles up to 1.1 cm.