Somatoline Cosmetic slimming Menopause 150ml


SKU 9822962 Somatoline Cosmetic slimming Menopause 150ml

A menopause, female hormones diminish, the metabolism slows down causing a faster fat storage and a reduction in the consumption of it. localized fat become more resistant to the slimming treatments and regimes and are therefore more difficult to remove. is the reason why, for mature women, a traditional slimming treatment can be effective. Somatoline Cosmetic treatment slimming Menopause comes from an advanced search. Its exclusive formula combines specific ingredients acting on localized and resistant, fat typical of mature women PhytoslimAge-Complex exclusive combines 3 specific actions allowing effectiveness targeted against localized fat:

-it promotes the reduction of fat "resistant" located on the waist and hips clusters

-he fights the signs of aging of the skin due to a high concentration of active antioxidant ingredients

-it intensely nourishes skin , leaving it smooth and fresh.