Somatoline Cosmetic belly and hips 150ml

Reduces up to 3.6 cm in 4 weeks
Manufacturer: Somatoline Cosmetic


SKU 4785400 Somatoline Cosmetic belly and hips 150 ml

Somatoline Cosmetic treatment belly and hips is a cosmetic cream designed to act in a specific way and focused in redesigning and refining the abdominal area, with a gradual release of assets which allows to extend its action even after the application.

it contains Phytoredux-complex, an exclusive complex of micro-particles of marine algae and cosmetic active ingredients, enriched with fig bud , which offers a triple action :
* it is by gradual release to extend the slimming efficacy even after the massage
* it generates a "hot and cold" effect that increases the effectiveness of cosmetic active ingredients
* it helps to combat the resurgence of fat located.

results :
an instrumental clinical study on 52 women with fat on the waist and hips , demonstrates that use regular and rigorous to reduce the circumference of the hips up to 3.6 cm in 4 weeks (average value obtained on 17 of 52 women).
overall average result: 2.2 cm.
4 cm maximum Value obtained on 6 of 52 women.

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