SoleilBiafine milk Spray solar SPF30 200ml

Milk Sun spray, double protection: shots of Sun and long-term skin damage

Manufacturer: Biafine

SKU: 9817837 SoleilBiafine milk Spray solar SPF30 200ml

Properties: Milk spray solar high protection SPF30, face and body. Dual protection UVA and uvb RAYS. Hypoallergenic, resistant to water, not fat and not sticky. surface, the high-performance system and photostable broad spectrum anti-UVA and UVB filters protects you from sunburn. a powerful antioxidant of vegetable origin helps protect your skin from skin damage to long-term operating tips : before exposure, apply generously and evenly solar milk across exposed areas slightly overflowing under clothes or swimsuit bath. frequently Renew the application, especially after perspiring, swimming or you be wiped. Avoid the sun at midday.