SoleilBiafine milk solar Ultra Moisturizing SPF30 150ml

SKU: 9629550 SoleilBiafine milk solar Ultra Moisturizing SPF30 150ml


Solar milk Soleilbiafine protects your skin from sunburns and of long-term skin damage. Your skin is soothed and hydrated.

Milk solar high protection SPF 30, face and body ideal for dry, clear and dehydrated skins. Melting, non-sticky texture and resists water.

Thanks to its double protection UVA and UVB, this solar milk you guarantee optimal protection and your skin is reinforced through an antioxidant and vitamin E. Shea butter and Glycerin allow hydration of the skin in depth and intensely during exposure to the Sun.

Is easy to apply on the skin and penetrates without leaving white traces.

No paraben.


Apply before each exposure to the Sun and then renew the application regularly especially after swimming.

Think well protect you from the Sun to avoid sunburn and skin problems.

For the whole family.


Is good for 12 months after use