SoleilBiafine after-Sun milk feeding 150ml

Soothes quickly and intensely nourishes silky texture
Manufacturer: Biafine


SKU 4231245 Sun Bertogalli after-Sun milk feeding 150ml

Properties: after Sun milk nourishing for skin assaulted and dewatered by sun exposure. Is suitable for skin sensitive. Texture melting. Penetrates quickly. non-fat, non-sticky. Thanks to its nourishing complex, this care after sun hydrate, nourish and help repair the damage induced by exposure solar extended. With its combination of assets recognized for their soothing and restorative, properties it relieves quickly and intensely nourishes the skin. It contains also the vitamin E that helps to strengthen the natural defenses of the skin. Operating tips: apply every evening after exposure to the Sun on skin previously cleaned. Re-apply the product as often as your skin needs.