Snack Time bar coconut-banana 36g

bar taste coconut-banana for a nice snack without frustration time.
Manufacturer: Siken Form


SKU 2021785 snack Time bar coconut-banana 36 g


Snack Time bar coconut-banana is a bar with a delicious taste coconut and banana for a moment of pleasant without snack frustration.

Rich in protein and fiber, with sugars and sweeteners, this b individual 36 g arre brings 139 calories and 11 g protein.

Thus, this bar allows you to nibble while keeping your form.

Tips for using Time Snack bar Coco-banana:

This bar can be consumed anytime of the day, in the case of hunger.Maintain a sufficient water consumption daily of 1.5 to 2l per day


store in a cool and dry.

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