Smell very stuffy nose 15ml

smell very stuffy nose is a nasal spray decongestant for sinusitis or cold.

Manufacturer: Urgo

SKU: 4014921 smell very stuffy nose 15 ml

Smell Urgo laboratories offers a range of care for the hygiene and care of the nose.


Humer nose very clogged, is a spray decongestant, it quickly leads the nose and relieves the pressure at the level of the sinus and pain. Hypertonic solution enriched with plant extracts thins nasal secretions and facilitates the removal of bacteria and viruses. It is especially recommended during sinusitis, common cold and winter pathologies.

operating tips smell very stuffy nose:

Reserved for children over 12 years old and adults.

  • Nose-blowing.
  • Shake the vial, remove protective cap.

On 1st use, Prime the pump by performing one or two pressure.

  • Vertically insert the tip into one nostril and close the other pressing with a finger. Perform 3-4 sprays into each nostril while inspiring.
  • Clean the nozzle with warm water, dry and replace the protective cap before storing the spray.


  • Do not reuse the spray during the strong nasal discharge that follows the application.
  • Do not use if more than 30 days have elapsed since first use.

You feel the application of the sensations of tingling for a short duration, which are due to the mode of action of the product.