Silence anti-snoring spray 50ml

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SKU: 9818216 silence anti-snoring spray 50 ml

indications: -based Solution of natural oils that acts on the main cause of snoring. Guarantees the reduction of snoring. Silence is the first anti-snoring total of new generation which immediately affects all tissues of the throat and through the night. Silence also has a reconstructive action between each night. SILENCE immediately: the first innovation of SILENCE is its exclusive broadcast feature of foam to fruity taste that will cover all tissues of the throat originally from the sound of snoring. This unique feature enables SILENCE to be active immediately.

SILENCE all night: the second innovation is its formula which allows the solution to remain active throughout the night. Comparative scientific tests show the presence of SILENCE on fabrics is 8 to 10 times greater than that of the products previously known.

Finally, the daily dissemination of SILENCE participates in the reconstruction of tissues and helps gradually and naturally to reduce noise of snoring.

operating tips: before you go to bed, shake the bottle sprayer. apply 2 times at the bottom of the gorge.



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S. Paul
  the 06/01/2017
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