Sigvaris wellness tights Transparent - black - T1L

Pantyhose Sigvaris Bien-Etre mesh transparent aspect satin finishes worked for maximum comfort.

Manufacturer: Sigvaris

SKU: 1000117 Sigvaris wellness sticky clear black (T1L)


Sole aeree and strengthened under the foot that prevents sweating and premature wear of the product with the friction of the shoe. Son of fine knitting ensuring transparency Abscence of wire frame for a light mesh and an Agreableceinture with soft elastic texture which does not compress the stomach. The quality label these guarantees the unique expertise of SIGVARIS BIEN-ETRE certifying the quality and durability of its products. A manufacture 100% Francaiseefficacite and strength of the product guarantees up to 30 washes. Color: NoirTaille: T1L active ingredient: mesh compressive massage active circulation, tones the legs and shapely and refines the silhouette. The relief is direct and durable. Candi and honey colours available.

directions for use:

A carving adapted to your morphology. To ensure an optimal compression level, measure your ankle at the finest location (3cm above the medial malleolus). Women's sizes < 165cm if weight est55kg et65kg et77kg and ankle 21-25cm = T4NPour women of sizes > 165cm if weight est55kg et65kg et77kg and ankle 21-25cm = T4L


73% Polyamide - 26% elastane - 1% cotton


Forte more 50 years of experience in his field, SIGVARIS manufactures, markets and distributes textile compression solutions, combining technology high-quality and aesthetic. Product shipped in re-sealable transparent protection kit which guarantees optimal protection.