Sigvaris Well Being T3N Hold Ups - Transparent (Black)

Feminine and elegant satin-look with refined lace garter
Manufacturer: Sigvaris


SKU 1000059


Reinforced, aerated sole to help reduce transpiration and premature wear while in friction with the shoe. Fine threading ensuring transparency and absence of weft thread for a light mesh and pleasant feel.  Exclusive design in Du Puy lace along garters.

The CES quality label guarantees the unique expertise of Sigvaris Well certifying the quality and durability of its products. 100% French-made, the quality of this product guarantees up to 30 washes.

Colour: Black.

T3N active ingredient: mesh compressive massage activates circulation, tones the legs while shaping and refining the silhouette. The smoothing relief is direct and long-lasting. 

Recommended Use:

Adapted to your body shape. To ensure optimal compression, measure your ankle at its most slender area (3cm above the medial malleolus - the bony prominence on each side of the ankle).

Women's sizes:

Height 145-162cm; weight 45-57kg; ankle circumference 18-22cm: T1N
Height 162-175cm; weight 55-65kg; ankle circumference 18-22cm: T1L
Height 150-162cm; weight 55-65kg; ankle circumference 19-23cm: T2N
Height 162-185cm; weight 55-65kg; ankle circumference 19-23cm: T2L
Height 150-162cm; weight 65-77kg; ankle circumference 20-24cm: T3N
Height 162-185cm; weight 65-77kg; ankle circumference 20-24cm: T3L
Height 153-162cm; weight 77-94kg; ankle circumference 21-25cm: T4N
Height 162-180cm; weight 74-94kg; ankle circumference 21-25cm: T4L


55% Polyamide, 21% Silicone, 18% Elastane, 6% Polyester.


With over 50 years of experience in their field, SIGVARIS manufactures, markets and distributes textile compression solutions combining technology, high quality and aesthetic. Product shipped in re-sealable transparent protection kit which guarantees optimal protection.

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