SIDN SCULPTING ACT Konjac 60 softgels

Association of extract and Konjac Chrome
Manufacturer: SID Nutrition


SKU 5341272


Sculpting Act Konjac contains of glucomannan which consumed as part of a low calorie diet contributes to weight loss. Also present chrome in this food supplement helps in the maintenance of normal glucose control.

Tips to use:

Take 1 capsule morning, noon and night, a quarter of an hour before the 3 main meals or half an hour before the usual time of the munchies. Precautions for use: risk of suffocation in case of swallowing difficulties or with an inadequate fluid ingestion. A consumer with plenty of water is recommended to ensure intake of the substance until the stomach.


Extract of konjac (Amorphophallus konjac), chromium chloride, capsule gelatin.


Box of 60 capsules

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