SIDN essential comfort urinary 14 light bulbs

A mixture of Heath, Hibiscus and white dead-nettle
Manufacturer: SID Nutrition


SKU 6295137


Essential comfort urinary has a specific composition developed from occurring including the white dead-nettle and Hibiscus assets that contribute to the elimination of the body functions and Heather traditionally used to support the diuresis..

Tips to use:

Take 1 ampoule per day, diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice. Given the natural character of the product, a light deposit may appear. It is advisable to shake the bulb before the dilution. Do not use in children under 12 years old, pregnant women or nursing mothers. Alcohol-free, no colouring or preservatives.


Aqueous extracts: flowering tops of white dead-nettle (Lamium album l.), flowering tops of ash Heather (Erica cinerea l.), hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) dried flowers, AIDS: juice from berries of cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), concentrated juice clarified PEAR aroma fishing, juice concentrate lemon water.


Box of 14 light bulbs

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