B Com Bio Intimate Well-Being Intime Soft Foaming Cleansing Gel 200ml

Soft foaming gel for intimate hygiene and your body's pH.

Manufacturer: B com BIO

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The vaginal flora contains protective bacteria and it is important to maintain their natural balance. Any excess or improper cleansing can interfere and cause infection. It is thus must to cleanse the intimate flora with an adapted approach.

B Com Bio is a certified-organic cosmetic line of essential treatments created by Sicobel laboratories.

This intimate soft foaming gel has been developed in this range to respect the mucous membranes. It is recommended for women who have sensitive skin. This gel provides impeccable intimate hygiene.

It respects the vaginal lining because:

- Most of its ingredients are of natural origin,- Certified organic,- It has been tested under gynaecological control,- Its pH is suitable for the vaginal lining.

Thanks to organic sage floral water, palm oil and coconut oil, the skin is cleansed gently and soothed.

Its liquid texture allows for easy application and it is convenient for use for daily showering.

Results are immediate. From the first application the body regains a soothing and clean feeling. Your intimate area and skin will be left feeling fresh and comfortable.


Adapted intimate hygiene cleanser to respect the vaginal lining.

Recommended Use:

Apply the foaming cleansing gel daily. May be applied whlie showering. Pour out a small amount of gel and lather gently along the body. Finally, rinse thoroughly with clean water.In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Water, Organic sage water*, Glycerine**, Surfactants**, Salt, Preservatives, Lactic acid.

* Ingredient from organic farming.** Plant origin.


500ml bottle.