Serelys Gel Vaginal dryness vaginal 7 single-dose droppers

SKU: 9781950 Serelys Gel Vaginal vaginal dryness


Serelys vaginal gel has a dual action: It lubricates and moisturizes, while respecting the vaginal flora thanks to its pH value.

it is enriched with lactic acid to maintain the development of vaginal flora balanced ensuring the fight against gynecologic infections.

Serelys Gel Vaginal dryness vaginal tips:

Serelys vaginal gel applies directly into the vagina using the applicator pod disposable.

use an eye dropper per day as a lubricant and a single dose every 3 days as moisturizer.


water, glycerin, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, acid P-anisic, levulinic acid, lactic acid, sodium hydroxide