Serelys care Vaginal 7 single-dose droppers

Serelys is a vaginal care against itching and intimate irritation.
Manufacturer: Serelys Pharma


SKU: 9809849 Serelys Vaginal care


Serelys vaginal care contributes to the care and prevention of bacterial vaginosis.

it is enriched with lactic acid, pH 3.8, to restore vaginal pH value favourable to the maintenance and the development of a balanced vaginal flora. It thus fight against gynecological disorders.

Serelys care Vaginal tips:

using the applicator pod disposable Serelys vaginal care applies directly in the vagina at a single dose daily for 7 consecutive days in cases of bacterial vaginosis and a single dose per day, 3 consecutive days per month for 6 months, to prevent recurrences.


water, glycerin, propylene glycol, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, acid P-anisic acid levulinic, sodium lactate, acid lactic, whey lactoferin, sodium hydroxide-rich