Sensodyne toothpaste Pro treatment sensitivity Lot of 2 x 75ml

SKU: 2592571 Sensodyne Pro treatment sensitivity Lot 2x75ml


Toothpaste Sensodyne pro of the GSK laboratories to reduce tooth sensitivity.

Sensitive teeth are the consequence of the lack of protection of dentin: indeed, this part is under normal conditions covered by the enamel or gums. It is important to make an annual audit of the State of your teeth by your dentist. If the enamel is damaged or that gum its retracted, the dentin is discovered and nerve endings are directly in contact with the cold, warm or food causing of pain. The GSK laboratories offer the toothpaste treatment sensitivity the formula to isolate the dentin and reduce the inconvenience.

Composition of Sensodyne Pro processing sensitivity:

  • Of salt of Strontium

it creates a level of dentin mineral barrier and thus helps protect nerves from external aggressions.

  • An effective cleansing formula

It effectively eliminates foods and other substances to preserve freshness and cleanliness.