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Sensodyne Pro enamel Protection toothpaste daily 75ml

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SKU 0500104 Sensodyne Pro enamel Protection daily 75ml


Sensodyne Pro enamel is a toothpaste which protects the enamel of the teeth on a daily basis. Through a regular brushing your teeth are protects the errosion caused by acid attacks between meals.

Its specific formula acts on several fronts:

  • It is mild abrasive to limit the risk of erosion when brushing teeth
  • It has a high fluorine absorption rate to strengthen the enamel and make it more resistant to future acid attacks.
  • It contains the potassium nitrate to prevent and relieve tooth sensitivity which may be a first sign of erosion of the enamel.
  • It has a neutral pH for not attacking the enamel of the teeth.

Your tooth enamel is thus strengthened. In addition, the tooth sensitivity or "sensitive tooth" is reduced. Its pleasant mint flavour provides a sensation of freshness after each brushing.

composition Sensodyne Pro enamel:

Aqua, sorbitol, hydrated silica, glycerin, potassium nitrate, aroma, silica, sodium saccharin, sodium fluoride, limonene, anise, alcohol. contains a fluorinated derivative. Fluorine content: 1450ppm.

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