Sensibiafine balm face nourishing Extra rich 50ml

Balm face Sensibiafine, nourishes and soothes dry, sensitive skins to tes dry.

Manufacturer: Biafine

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SKU: 5376342 Sensibiafine balm face nourishing Extra rich 50ml


the Balm face Ultra-Nourrissant's Sensibiafine is the daily care of sensitive skin dry to very dry. Paraben and hypoallergenic, it offers a high skin tolerance. This balm face intensely nourishes and repairs your skin. Thanks to the avenanthramide it contains, it has a soothing effect. your skin is moisturized and repaired, it is protected from redness and irritation. Day after day, she finds softness and flexibility. Its non-greasy texture and non-comedogenic penetrates quickly.

operating Sensibiafine nourishing face balm tips:

Apply morning and evening to face and neck cleaned.