Sebclair cream without steroid 30ml

Symptomatic treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis
Manufacturer: Sinclair


SKU 4553233 Sebclair cream without steroid 30 ml

Sebclair contributes to the treatment and/or relief of itching, burning, scaling and pain caused by dermatitis seborrheic.

operating tips:
Apply sebclair 3 times per day (or whenever necessary) on the affected areas and gently massage the skin.

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Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 4
Average rating : 5 /5
W. J
  the 29/09/2016
5/ 5
The best product that I have used for my dermatitis.
M. Claire
  the 06/08/2016
5/ 5
Moisturising refreshing and gets rid of scales and flakes
L. Alen
  the 10/06/2016
5/ 5
If it may sound like endorsement, it definitely is! Usually, I'm quite skeptical when coming across effusive praise of a product but Sebclair merits it AND THEN SOME! For years I've been plagued by seborrheic dermatitis, but shortly after initial use of Sebclair products (using its shampoo as well) it has been nothing short of revelation. Irritation is gone and so is the flaking. If you're mulling give it a try, do it and it'll be the best money you have spent! Thank you Sinclair for making such quality product and Sanareva for carrying it at such good price :)
B. John
  the 09/04/2016
5/ 5
the ONLY thing to help my sebhorreic dermatitis, highly recommend this product to anyone that suffers..