Sebamed Deodorant balm Extra-Douceur Lot of 2 x 50ml

deodorant balm extra-douceur which prevents unpleasant odours while protecting the armpits.
Manufacturer: Sebamed


SKU 4000793 Sebamed Deodorant balm Extra-Douceur Lot 2 x 50 ml


The Sebamed laboratory develops environmentally friendly dermatological care skin ecosystem and acid natural protective mantle of the skin.

Sebamed Deodorant balm Extra-Douceur is a deodorant without alcohol, without salts of aluminum, paraben and at pH 5.5 to meet the physiological pH of the skin and do not irritate him.

This extra-soft deodorant thus:

  • to prevent the appearance of odors,

  • absorb moisture without blocking the natural transpiration, function

  • to restrict the development of bacteria that are responsible for odors,

  • to take care of the skin sensitive armpits,

  • to strengthen the skin barrier of the skin.

Underarm found all their sweetness with this deodorant.

Addition, this extra-soft deodorant skin a sensation of freshness and well-being.

Tips for using Sebamed Deodorant balm Extra-Douceur:

This deodorant can be used on sensitive or shaved skin.

Apply this deodorant underarms every morning after showering.


Product without alcohol, without salts of aluminium and parabens.

Tested under dermatological control.

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