Sebamed bread Physio-washing Olive Lot 2x150g

bread physio-washing SOAP or alkaline agents respect for the most sensitive skins.

Manufacturer: Sebamed

SKU: 4000807 Sebamed bread Physio-washing Olive Lot 2x150g

Sebamed offers a range of care specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin.


Sebamed bread Physio-washing has a base washer fresh and rich in olive oil and silk proteins. It allows a whole family dry and sensitive skins effective daily toilet.

It perfectly cleans and strengthens the natural defences of the skin with its cleansing base high tolerance without SOAP or alkaline agents, neutral pH 5.5.

Its active complex (olive oil, proteins of silk, panthenol, and phytosterols) is nourishing, smoothing and refreshing. Aloe barbadensis present in the formula allows you to permanently restore the moisture balance.

The skin is soft and supple, you find all your comforts.

Tips for using Sebamed bread Physio - washing Olive:

Use as a SOAP, daily, on the body. Suitable for adults and children over 4 years.