Sebamed Baby Facial Cream care protector 50ml

Moisturizing and protective care for delicate baby skin.

Manufacturer: Sebamed

SKU: 4092495 Sebamed Baby Facial Cream care protector 50ml


Facial Sebamed Baby cream is a cream for baby. The acid natural protective film on the skin is formed during the first months of life. That is why baby's skin is so fragile and delicate. The facial cream promotes the construction of the acid protective film of baby's skin and stabilize its natural at physiological pH of 5.5 barrier function.

Thanks to panthenol irritations have subsided. The delicate and sensitive baby skin is well moisturized, softens and protected through the combination of allantoin, vitasqualane, vitamin E and acid hyaluronque. The cream penetrates easily and without leaving a greasy film.

Tips for using Sebamed Baby Facial Cream:

applies on baby's previously cleaned skin.