Sebamed anti-aging Q10 Body Lift 200ml firming

SKU: 4092501 Sebamed anti-aging Q10 Body Lift 200 ml firming

Properties: sebamed anti-aging has been designed to enable the natural cell functioning of the skin and thus extend its vitality and its youth. Q10 Body fluid cream provides your skin care and protection she needs :-improves elasticity and combat the loss of firmness, -hydrates and maintains a hydrolipidic balance , -Restores tone and skin flexibility, -Protects from the visible effects of aging, -Reinforces the barrier function of natural protective acid mantle of the skin (pH 5.5) operating tips: Apply after washing morning and/or evening in soft and circular massage to stimulate the microcirculation. Highlight areas prone to sagging. regular daily use increases elasticity and suppleness of the skin and delays the visible effects of aging.