Sea-Band MOM Bracelet black anti-nausea

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Sea-Band Maman Bracelet Noir Anti-Nauses


The first months of pregnancy can sometimes be difficult because of the nausea that arise.

This Lot of 2 anti-nausea Sea Band Bracelets will then come to relieve this discomfort by the rise of hormones, a more sensitive sense of smell and often heavy fatigue.

Easy to set up (one on each wrist), it is by mechanical effect at the level of the P6, the Nei-Kuan point or "Gateway of the Interior".

Pressing the acupuncture point can thus control the gag States.

The Sea-Band presents no risk of side effects or drowsiness.

It is made with a washable elastic material.

The Sea-Band is 4 to 5 minutes after the establishment, even if it is used after the apparition of nausea.

Its action is maintained as long as he is.

Sea-Band comes per box of 2 bracelets.

There is only one size.

directions for use:

The Sea Band Mama barcelets operate on the principle of acupressure.

They are doing to both wrists and act in a few minutes.

It is advisable to wear as soon as the first symptoms of nausea or any time of the day.


Box of 2 bracelets