Sea-Band child Bracelet Rose anti-nausea

SKU: 773469R Sea-Band Enfant Bracelet Rose Anti-Nauses


The Sea-Band is an acupressure bracelet that acts against any form of common nausea.

It is useful against the evil of transport but also against the nausea of pregnancy or those of chemotherapy.

In water sports, it will be used to remove the effects of the "seasickness".

The Sea-Band is the principle of the acupressure.

Easy to set up (one on each wrist), it is by mechanical effect at the level of the P6, the Nei-Kuan point or "Gateway of the Interior".

Pressing the acupuncture point can thus control the gag States.

The Sea-Band presents no risk of side effects or drowsiness.

It is made with a washable elastic material.

The Sea-Band is 4 to 5 minutes after the establishment, even if it is used after the apparition of nausea.

Its action is maintained as long as he is.

Sea-Band comes per box of 2 bracelets.

There is only one size.

directions for use:

Bracelet arises on the wrist to an acupuncture point.

Sea-Band wristbands can get before or during the journey, it almost immediately.


Box of 2 bracelets