Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS + Glamination Spray 200ml preparer

Preparer OSIS + Glamination for easy and glamorous styling spray
Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf Professional
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SKU: 8728447 Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS + Glamination Spray 200 ml preparer

Schwarzkopf offers professional quality shampoos and care to maintain and care for your hair. Each range is designed to meet the specific needs of each type of hair


the OSIS + range is the range of styling products from Schwarzkopf Professional. This spray preparer OSIS + Glamination is to spray on damp hair before styling. It protects the hair from the heat of the dryer and helps to smoothing. It avoids the nodes and gives volume. Your hairstyle is impecable and your hair shiny.

indications OSIS + Glamination Spray preparer:

  • Pleasant to the touch styling
  • hair light and female
  • provides movement and shine
  • natural
  • glamour gloss

operating tips:

The preparer spray apply on wet hair before styling or before a haircut.