Schwarzkopf Professional BC Moisture Kick Conditioner 200ml Spray

balm moisturizing spray of Schwarzkopf professional, for normal hair to dry.

Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf Professional

SKU: 8723843 Schwarzkopf Professional BC Moisture Kick Conditioner 200ml Spray

Schwarzkopf offers a range of professional quality products adapted to each type of hair. Thus, they retain brilliance and health.


Moisture kick is the range of the hair to dry. This range is made for brings a maximum of moisturizing your hair.

Spray Coditioner Moisture Kick is a nourishing balm for normal hair dry. It gives extra hydration to hair and this until the next shampoo.

indications BC Moisture Kick Spray condition:

Emulsion light moisturizing spray for daily maintenance of dehydrated hair.

  • Rebalance the hydration rate.
  • Health and shine of hair well hydrated, easy to untangle.
  • Restores the capital hydration of the hair by lack of water.
  • Softens and nourishes the hair fiber.
  • Do not increase.
  • Facilitates the untangling.

operating tips:

Apply on wet or dry hair, requires no rinsing. Ideal after the shampoo and mask Moisture Kick from the same range, for a reinforced action.