Schwarzkopf Professional 3D MEN shampoo purifying 250ml

SKU: 8726446 Schwarzkopf Professional 3D MEN shampoo purifying 250ml

Schwarzkopf is a cosmetics brand specialising in hair products. Indeed, it offers high quality and recommended by professionals care for every hair type.


3D MEN is a range only created for men. Indeed, this range strengthens the hair, active roots and refresh the scalp. Thus, this range is the daily challenges of men.

3D MEN shampoo purifying is a shampoo designed exclusively for men.

this shampoo for washing hair is:

  • the hair through the scleroprotein which restructures,

  • on the scalp through the panthenol which hydrate,

  • on the roots through caffeine which stimulates.

thus, this shampoo strengthens the hair and gives them a feeling of freshness thanks to menthol.

Schwarzkopf 3D MEN shampoo purifying operating tips:

Apply on wet hair and rinse.