Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue Spray balm nutritious 400ml

One Spray-balm rinse to instantly repair sensitized hair.
Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf Professional
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SKU 8724959 Schwarzkopf Bc Repair Rescue Spray Baume Nutritif 400Ml


With this balm high technology made by SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL, make sure your hair a buoyancy and an effective protection against all kinds.

From a first application, it guarantees repair of your fiber from the cortex to prevent recurrences of your hair problems.

Subsequently, process Cell Perfector, included in the manufacture of this Rescue BC Bonacure Repair spray, strengthens the defence of the cuticles by creating a cement of carbon in the upper part of the hair.

Once structured, the latter found a better hydration, force, but also more elasticity. So you get the styling easier.

The appearance of the hair also wins gloss with polishing the cuticle.

All is crowned by the natural effect that offers the product.

directions for use:

Well shake the bottle. Spray on damp hair to unequal and points. Comb. Without rinsing. For daily use.


400 mL spray