Scholl Tube fingers toes Gelactiv


SKU: 7573437 Scholl Tube fingers toes Gelactiv

indications: protects the horns and toes aching relieves pressure and friction at the level of the fingers and toes.

the Tube fingers/toes Scholl Gelactiv relieves pain linked to friction.

Ideal for horns and sore toes, it cuts on measurement. washable and reusable.

Main assets : technology Gelactiv.

operating tips: the feet must be clean and dry. Cut the desired length. Insert the emitter protection tube on the painful toe or finger. Remove the tube during the night. if necessary, clean the tube with SOAP and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Once dry, sprinkle talcum powder gel.

Do not use continuously for more than 3 months. In the case of diabetes or circulatory problems, consult a doctor or a Podiatrist before use. Discontinue use if the tube seems too tight.