Scholl SOS warts feet & hands 80ml

spray Remover for 16 skin applications
Manufacturer: Scholl


SKU 9702701 Scholl SOS warts feet & hands

Discover the Scholl Pharma spray developed to freeze warts by a method inspired by the cryotherapy. This spray can be used for 16 (12 + 4 short precision) applications.

to get rid of a wart, a single treatment is sufficient. However, the toughest Plantar warts may request additional treatments.

use of Scholl SOS warts:

after the use of Scholl SOS warts, a blister may form. On average, the wart falls two weeks after application. Note that we strongly discourage secondhand use this spray more than four times on the same wart.

counter indications:

Sanareva pharmacists you advise against using Scholl SOS warts if you are diabetic. People suffering from circulatory problems and pregnant women must also not use this spray.

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