Scholl separator d toes purposes 3 separators

Transparent and discreet immediately relieves the pressures
Manufacturer: Scholl


SKU 7573443 Scholl separator d toes purposes 3 separators


Scholl researchers have developed the purpose of toes Pharma Scholl Gelactiv separators to reduce friction on the eye of Partridge.


-Ideal to relieve the eye of Partridge and areas sore between the toes
-End, soft and flexible for comfort
-hand Washable and reusable
-2 great models + 1 small model


Put the separator between the toes, the longest part upwards. Remove the separator during the night. If necessary, clean the separator with SOAP and warm water. Rinse profusely and let air dry. Once dry, sprinkle freeze talc.


do not use continuously for more than 3 months. Avoid contact with a cracked skin or a wound. Discontinue use if discomfort.

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