Scholl protector Hallux Valgus protector 1 size 39-42

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Scholl protector Hallux Valgus protector 1 size 39-42


Scholl researchers have developed the Hallux Valgus of Scholl Pharma protector to provide maximum comfort and protection around the bone prominence sensitive and painful Hallux Valgus or onion. elastic fabric and comfortable containing a gel tablet, the Hallux Valgus protector prevents and relieves the pain caused by the Hallux Valgus or onion.

The bead of gel absorbs shock and pressure due to friction of the shoe in the market. Thanks to its technology Ergono-Gel, the Hallux Valgus protector was developed to adapt to all forms of onions and remain in place throughout the day. operating tips:

The Hallux Valgus protector is suitable both walk right and left foot. The feet must be clean and dry. slide the foot into the Hallux Valgus protector: donning the big toe into the small opening and the other four toes in the Grand opening. Pull the protector in the direction of the ankle until ' a that the gel cushion is well placed around the hallux valgus or onion.

Elastic fabric can be tightened or loosened by stretching vertically or horizontally.

Stockings, socks or stockings can be worn on top. Remove the product for at least 3 to 4 hours per day to allow the skin to breathe.


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