Scholl powder highly absorbent 75g

Powder Anti-Transpirante Scholl for feet and shoes.

Manufacturer: Scholl

SKU: 5379582 Scholl powder highly absorbent 75g


the Powder very absorbing of Scholl is an anti-perspirant care with a unique system of neutralisation of odours Neutra-Activ. It has been scientifically proven that this product does not mask odors, but removes. Regular use helps keep your feet and shoes dry and fresh all day.

  • Advanced Protection against odors
  • Action antiperspirant to keep your feet dry and fresh all day
  • absorbs moisture to help prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria

Scholl powder very absorbing operating tips:

sprinkle generously over the entire foot and between the toes. Use in your shoes and your sneakers for better protection