Scholl Cap fingers toes Gelactiv

relieves pain linked to friction of corns and nails sore

Manufacturer: Scholl



SKU: 7573495 Scholl Cap fingers toes Gelactiv

indications: Relieves pain linked to friction. Ideal for corns, damaged nails or toes aching. Box 1 protective cap one size

envelope and perfectly protects the area avoiding friction: ends of fingers or painful toes, nails, horns, chapped skin.

Gel diffuse gradually softening and moisturizing mineral oil on the skin and cuticles.

Tested under dermatological control.

It is washable and reusable.

It can also be cut (vasicentric).

operating tips: Slide the protective cap on the painful toe or finger. Remove at least 4 hours per day If necessary, clean with soap and warm water Rinse and allow to air dry once dry, sprinkle talcum powder gel.