Scholl calluses dressings 4 plasters and 4 disks corn corn

Relieves immediately - promotes the removal of the pre-ulcer - reinforced adhesive
Manufacturer: Scholl


SKU 4698227 Scholl calluses dressings corn plasters and corn 4-Disc 4

Overview :
Scholl researchers have developed corn for Scholl Pharma calluses dressings to ensure a targeted action against calluses located on the Plantar pads and heels.
-drive coricide directly affects the pre-ulcer while preserving the healthy skin around it,
-soft ultra plaster protect the Plantar pads and immediately relieve pain ,
-adhesive tested dermatologically.

operating tips :
the duration of treatment is usually 3 to 5 days. Feet must be clean and dry.
remove disc coricide of his support.
place it on the center of the pre-ulcer, part adhesive side skin.
light pressure to well adhere.
apply the plaster. Use daily until remollissement of the cornea area.

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