Scholl Activ Gel Sport insoles women 38-42 1 pair

Soles absorbing the micro-chocs and reducing excessive pressure.

Manufacturer: Scholl

SKU: 9704141 Scholl Activ Gel Sport Semelles Femme 38-42 1 Paire


Scholl soles ActivGel Sport 38-42 1 pair provides the micro-chocs absorption and helps prevent discomfort related to calluses by reducing excessive pressure which occurs during sports activities.

Scholl ActivGel of high-performance technology supports the Plantar arch and heels thanks to the strong gel and provides cushioning from shocks through the soft gel.

Sole to the ergonomic design ensures efficient distribution of impacts and the pressure for maximum comfort throughout the day.

It can be worn in an athletic shoe or a regular shoe.

If your feet are tired, it is advisable to: move frequently to facilitate blood circulation, elevate the feet during breaks, maintain your ideal weight.

directions for use:

If a readjustment is necessary, cut the sole along the contour corresponding to your size.

If it is detachable, use the sole of the shoe as a model origin.

Replace the soles when they show signs of wear and tear.

To clean, simply wipe the soleplate with a cloth dampened with warm water and SOAP (do not immerse).


Blister 2 soles.