Scholl Activ Gel daily soles man 42-48 1 pair

Insoles men activ gel daily to provide daily support to your tired feet.
Manufacturer: Scholl


SKU 9704132

Scholl Activ Gel soles 42-48 man daily 1 pair


Scholl has designed especially for men soles Activ Gel daily.
The sizes of these soles range from size 42 to 48.
His ActivGel anti-shock technology brings exceptional comfort on a daily basis.
Its gel duo effectively absorbs the micro-chocs and helps prevent the discomfort associated with calluses. Indeed, these soles reduce the pressure exerted during operation or during daily activities.
In addition, its very firm gel provides support for:

the Arch of the foot,
the heels.

The softer gel provides cushioning from shocks.


Daily comfort for the feet.

Directions for use:

Cut the base according to the contour corresponding to your size.
For best results, remove the base of origin and replace it with the Scholl Activ Gel side Sport gel insoles down. Replace the soles when they show signs of wear.
Regularly clean the soles by wiping them with a cloth soaked with warm water and SOAP.


1 pair

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