Saugella Poligyn care washing sweet Lot of 2 x 250ml

care washing soft for personal hygiene daily fragile mucous membranes.

Manufacturer: Saugella

SKU: 2659878 Saugella Poligyn care Lavant soft Lot 2 x 250 ml


Laboratory Saugella offers Poligyn care Lavant soft for daily hygiene of the fragile mucous membranes.

Is therefore a cleaner soft designed for personal hygiene, extracts of Chamomile and thyme which give it a refreshing and soothing action very effective in case of irritation, even associated with vulvar pruritus.

In addition, thanks to its neutral pH, Saugella Poligyn is ideal during menopause, when the mucous membranes are particularly sensitive and vaginal pH high.

Saugella Poligyn operating tips:

Uses this treatment as a detergent and rinse thoroughly with water.

Product does not have to be diluted.

Close the bottle after use.


Paraben, phthalate-free and without SOAP.

A keep away from any heat source.