Saugella Intilac balancing PH 7 x 5ml

Rebalance the vaginal flora. Eliminates unpleasant odors.

Manufacturer: Saugella



SKU: 4464239 Saugella Intilac balancing PH 7 x 5 ml

Intravaginal gel for intimate use, at base of lactic acid and maltodextrin, to correct the vaginal ph and to avoid imbalance in the vaginal flora responsible for vaginal discharge, irritation and bad smells. lacquer. Non-fatty. Without dyes. Fragrance-free. Hypoallergenic uses: care intra vaginal to rebalance the vaginal flora and maintain the physiological balance of the vaginal ecosystem and prevent bacterial vaginosis. operating tips: freeze applies in the vagina using the applicator tube. -1 dose daily for 7 days. Enforcement will be preferably evening at sunset -prevention: 1 dose a day 3 days immediately following the rules. components: -lactic acid -Glycerin -maltodextrin -Excipients: cellulose, potassium sorbate, purified water, sodium hydroxide. intravaginal Gel applicator single 7 tubes Box plastics 5ml