Saugella Antiseptic 250ml

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Antiseptic cleansing emulsion for intimate hygiene.

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The Saugella Antiseptic 250ml is an antiseptic cleansing emulsion for intimate hygiene. It contains thyme extract, which has an antibacterial action, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and providing a feeling of well-being. It also reduces symptoms such as burning, itching, erythema, and edema, while respecting the balance of the vaginal flora.

This Saugella Antiseptic emulsion is particularly recommended during menstruation, pregnancy and after birth, or when taking part in an activity practised in an environment where there is a higher risk of infection: swimming pool, spa etc.


For daily intimate hygiene.

Directions for use

For external washing, use as a liquid soap, rinsing thoroughly with water. For vaginal douching, dilute 4 tablespoons per litre of water. As a rule, use morning and evening for a fortnight.


Aqua, tea-lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, ammonium lauryl sulfate, thymus vulgaris extract, peg-2 stearate, lake, hydroxyethylcellulose, hydrogenated coconut oil, lactic acid, glycol stearate, salvia officinalis xtract, sodium dehydroacetate, ketoglutaric acid, cholesterol


250ml bottle.

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F. Helene
  the 04/03/2021
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Indispensable! Highly recommend, this product is a must have.
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  the 02/03/2020
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as expected
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  the 09/02/2019
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Only use this product!
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  the 22/11/2017
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very good
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  the 15/08/2016
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Very good