Sanogyl toothpaste Rose care gums sensitive 75ml 2pcs

Soothes gums - protects teeth

Manufacturer: Sanogyl



SKU: 2590193 Sanogyl Rose care gums sensitive 75ml set of 2

Overview : Sanogyl Care Sensitive Gums is a toothpaste specially dedicated to people with gingival sensitivity manifested by redness and swelling casual. Sanogyl Care sensitive gums helps to : -soothe gums : thanks to the combined action of the chlorhesidine, the Phosphate of Allantoin to anti-inflammatory virtues and vitamins E and B5 known for their soothing properties -protect teeth : fluorinated assets will strengthen the tooth enamel from plaque dentaire. acid attacks -ensure a smooth brushing : Its complex cleaner soft fight dental plaque of efficiently, while minimizing the risks on irritation of the gums.