Sanogyl toothpaste Bi Protect teeth and gums 75ml complete care

Fight plaque - strengthens gums
Manufacturer: Sanogyl
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SKU 4611396 Sanogyl Bi Protect teeth and gums 75 ml complete care

Overview :

Sanogyl care complete teeth and gums is a toothpaste specially dedicated to those who wish to have a complete when brushing action, taking care at the time of their teeth and gums.

in order to provide the best care on a daily basis and diminish the appearance of gingival problems

Sanogyl care complete teeth and gums helps :

-fight dental plaque :
thanks to the combined action of the Zinc Citrate and Chlorhexidine who fight and eliminate plaque located at the base of the gums; When Calcium and fluorine strengthen the tooth enamel against acid attacks of the plate dental.

-strengthen the gums :
with Vitamins E and B5 known for their toning properties.

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